what are probiotics

The word probiotic itself means “for life”.  What are we accomplishing if we take probiotics?  We are giving our bodies a natural substance which could also be looked upon as being a natural antibiotic.  What will it help to do for us?  In general the living microscopic organisms which are found in probiotic cultures will help our bodies build a better immunity system towards disease and illness.  By taking probiotics on a regular basis you are safe guarding your body with this form of protection against such diseases as irritable bowel syndrome – IBS, bacterial infections and even cancer.

What are Probiotics – Great for women's health!

what are probiotics

Many people especially women have found by introducing probiotics into their diet and health regime they have eliminated many medical issues which they may previously have suffered with such as candida infections, urinary tract infections, infections associated with the vagina and for some men and women have found that probiotics have helped with their digestive issues immensely. By taking probiotics we are helping our body to heal within and at the same time helping towards prevention of disease.  We may ask ourselves why we didn’t have probiotics years ago and why has it become a need in today’s society.  We only have to look at the makeup of our food today.  There is so much processed and fast food in the market today as opposed to yesteryear.  This type of food is full of unhealthy toxins, chemicals and additives which can literally destroy the normal flora or bacteria within our digestive systems.  Years ago we never had such temptations in our paths and for the majority of people having a home cooked meal such as meat and two veg was the norm.

What are Probiotics – Helping your normal bacteria…

what are probiotics

The normal bacteria in our digestive systems which is required for the natural breakdown of food was always working in a positive manner and on a regular basis.  Once the introduction of non-conventional ultra-unhealthy foods is introduced into the bodies system then our natural flora is destroyed and so probiotics is a natural way of supplementing our digestive systems by putting live microorganisms back into our body to help our defence systems against food which is not so healthy.   Research has proven that not only do probiotic cultures strengthen our immune system and can prevent us from becoming ill they can also prevent cancer cells from multiplying.  The small intestine is where most of our digestive processing takes place.  If we do not have the all-important microbes available within the intestine to promote normal health and wellness through digestion, then we eventually may require medical interventions to counteract the structural damage that can occur within our bodies.  Such medical interventions can and should be avoided, this can be done through probiotic cultures.

If you're looking for more information about what are probiotics then consider checking out: http://www.naturalnews.com/036578_probiotics_microflora_antibiotics.html#ixzz2YTP4wgIz

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