probiotic yogurt

If wishing to enhance your immune system by introducing probiotics this is a process that will benefit your health for years to come.  Many people in recent years are looking towards probiotic usage as a means to keep them a win-win situation when looking at overall optimal health.  Certainly people will benefit by continually keeping their good bacterial cultures within their digestive system well balanced.  You can choose to either take a supplement usually found in pill form but can be found in liquid and powder forms also or you can seek out the extra healthy foods that we eat which have this fantastic culture already available in its makeup.  Yogurt comes to mind immediately.  Which type of yogurt is the important key here?  You really should stay away from the diet as you like types and those ones which are loaded with sugar or any of the pasteurized brands.  The reason why is because these brands normally don’t have any live cultures included in them and so really don’t have much use.  A yogurt which has live cultures is better than a pasteurised yogurt which has all of its goodness with regards to cultures destroyed by the pasteurization method.

Probiotic Yogurt – Probiotic benefits

probiotic yogurt

By eating a probiotic live cultured yogurt product you are immediately introducing good bacteria into your body.  This bacteria can replenish what you already have available in your system by boosting it up.  In return the more wholesome disease fighting bacteria you have the better you will feel on an optimal basis.  Live culture yogurt has been used for a number of years to correct the bacteria imbalances found in the vagina.  The vagina is an area which is susceptible to overpowering bacteria which can reduce or completely eliminate the good bacteria which should be found here.  By taking probiotics the imbalance can be reduced.  Once the balance of good flora has been restored there is less likely occurrences with conditions such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections will occur.  If you don’t like the taste of yogurt or you simply cannot digest it you can apply live cultured real yogurt directly to the vagina as a lotion on a regular basis.  This is one way the good bacteria can get to work on the bad bacteria causing these conditions.

Probiotic Yogurt – Also consider using cheese!

probiotic yogurt

You can also find probiotic cultures in some cheeses, coconut water, soy foods and any foods which have a fermenting process which they go through such as sauerkraut, miso and yeast products.  Probiotics do not require prescriptions in order to buy them you can simply walk into any drug or health food store and buy whichever brand you require off the shelf.  It is important to let your doctor know if you are deciding to take this option as some probiotic supplements may interfere with medication that you may already be on.  Blood pressure is one medication that springs to mind as probiotics have been known to reduce blood pressure.


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